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How to cut weathering steel?

What are the precautions required for cutting weather-resistant rusted steel plates?

What do I need to pay attention to when cutting weather-resistant steel plates? Weather-resistant rusted steel plate for cutting technology can generally be selected by laser cutting of weather-resistant steel. Weather-resistant control panels have been developed for large-scale infrastructure in landscape architecture, especially in the park, landscaping and related landscaping manufacturing industries. They have been commonly used by landscape plant landscape manufacturing companies.

In the case of architectural gardens and landscapes, many open interior spaces and related engineered buildings and manufacturing must be made of large and medium sized weather resistant steel. In some development conditions, in the situation of rebuilding, it is necessary to carry out cutting and laser cutting of weather-resistant rusty steel plates to be able to analyze and get an excellent and good practical teaching effect. Because of the strong performance and relative sturdiness of weather-resistant rusty steel plates, it is inevitable that time, time and money will be consumed in the case of cutting. Thus, today, we gradually carry out educational and scientific research on some difficult teaching problems of weather-resistant steel laser cutting.

What do I need to pay attention to when cutting rust-resistant steel plates?

1. Be sure to verify the type of thick steel plate different specifications, specifications product type and process technology performance research status when opening the material, and only after determining the good.

2. Before gas cutting, check whether the machine equipment and special tools of gas cutting system software are normal and can only be operated under safety standards.

3. When carrying out the study of steel plate processing, to hoist the thick steel plate to the gas cutting for service platform, the spacing between the two heads and the slide rail on one side of the thick steel plate must be adjusted.

4.Throughout the cutting process, adjust the spacing of the cutting gun, clear the amount of resistance after the force, and consider the compensation of the cutting seam.

5, in carrying out research steel plate processing, gas cutting gas spin length can be more than one third of the enterprise products to carry out the workpiece thin technology, so that the edge of the part evenly encountered heat. 



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