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What is the difference between weathering steel plate and ordinary steel plate?

What is the difference between weathering steel and steel plate

Among the decoration materials, steel plates are widely used. However, what is the difference between weathering steel and steel plate? Fast horse take everyone together to understand it.

      First, the steel plate is not long rust stage, the naked eye can not distinguish between genuine weathering steel plate and ordinary hot-rolled steel plate, you need to refer to the steel mill's warranty, the warranty as far as possible to ask the supplier to provide the original with the steel mill red seal, so as to avoid the merchant to bad as good. The common materials of genuine weathering steel are 09cupcrnia, B480GNQR, etc. of Baosteel or Anshan Steel, and the materials of ordinary hot-rolled steel plates are Q235B, SPHC, etc.

  Provide samples to a professional third-party testing agency to test whether the metal composition matches the warranty for any stage of long rust.

  Second, the first stage of long rusting steel plate (1-3 months outdoors), genuine weathering steel starts to grow small rust spots, the rust spots of ordinary steel plate are loose, and some of the rust treatment is poor and even rust skin is lost.

  Third, the second stage of steel plate long rust (outdoor 4-8 months), genuine weather-resistant steel plate rust less, rust point is smaller and thicker; ordinary steel plate rust more, rust point is larger and thin sparse; ordinary steel plate rust column, tear marks are more serious, the bottom of the workpiece has signs of blackening.

       The above is the analysis from the fast horse, hope it can help you!

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