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What are the advantages and disadvantages of weathering steel?

Advantages and disadvantages of waiting steel

First ,the composition of weathering steel

First of all, to introduce you to the chemical elements of weathering steel: C: 0.12 ~ 0.21 below, Si: 0.2 ~ 2.0 below, Mn: 0.7 ~ 2.0, S ≤ 0.036, P ≤ 0.034 below, Cu: 0.10 ~ 0.40, aluminum < 0.2 , the rest is Fe and trace impurities. Through Cu, Mn, Si, Al and other alloying, and simply carry out the adjustment of the enterprise ordinary low carbon steel (Q235 steel) part of the design element content, without changing the Q235 steel production and processing process development conditions, it can improve the production company out with good resistance to atmospheric environmental corrosion performance, comprehensive use of mechanical system performance of economic weathering steel. However, for something it is always a with the following two different sides, also has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, for weathering steel plate is its advantages and disadvantages dialectical view, and therefore can be selectively applied, so what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Carbon Steel Sheet265

Second, the advantages of weathering steel

1, corrosion resistance is not as fast as ordinary carbon steel corrosion
2, weathering steel is not as low strength as ordinary carbon steel
3, weathering steel is exposed outdoors for a long time is used after rust, rust is powder-like particles stick to the surface of the Hong Kong version, will not rust down, carbon steel rust will fall off layer by layer, drop slag. Not as fast as carbon steel rust, rusting powerful.

Third, the disadvantages of weathering steel.

Need to deal with the anti-rust and various patterns and colors, more delicate, too much trouble to deal with, there are a lot of treatment is not cheap large buildings, construction, better construction can not cover up small-scale this type!
Well, the advantages and disadvantages of weathering steel as described above, I hope you can help, see you next time!



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