The difference between red rust steel plate and ordinary steel plate


The difference between weathering steel red rusted steel plate and ordinary red rusted steel plate 

Red rusted steel is a general term. Its name comes from the red rust color of the steel plate after its surface rusts. However, due to its different materials
One is also divided into weathering steel red rust steel plate and ordinary plate red rust steel plate.

Common points: 1.

1. Both have a red rust color on the surface.
2. Both need to go through surface oxidation layer treatment before rusting
3. The surface rust layer of natural rusted red rust steel plate is not uniform
4. Can be obtained through artificial rust treatment

Carbon Steel Sheet021


1. The material is different. Ordinary red rusty steel plate generally uses Q235B, Q345B, these two materials are very common
Weathering steel red rust steel plate is used 09Cu, SPA-H and other weathering steel.
2. The color is not the same. Ordinary red rust steel plate color dark, leaning toward black-red. Weathering red rust steel plate color is bright
3. Stability of the rust layer. Weathering steel red rust steel plate rust layer stability, hand touch will not have yellow rust fall off. Ordinary red
Rusty steel plate will have yellow rust when you touch your hand, and later when it is seriously corroded, layers of rust skin will fall off.
fall off.

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